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  our company tongru is currently the most advanced intelligent digital of the ebb-low frequency therapeutic apparatus, equipment combine ancient elements and digital technology. As human blood running rhythm, combined with characteristic dialectical treatment of your body. Instruments with ebb and eight methods of intelligent turtle on point calculation function, based on the individual condition of the patient provides the best time for treatment of acupuncture point prescriptions, guiding the dialectical and treatment professionals. Biological rhythms combined with modern medical therapy and Supreme najia therapy of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical, more targeted therapies, according to patient characteristics cards; when local conditions.
offers 10 groups of stimulation of the acupuncture point prescriptions of different frequency, channel sensation in the affected area. Play the most rapid treatment effect. Non-drug, non-oral, pure green treatment. Garbo the meeting of prolactin for more than 10 people, after prolactin of professional technical training, with 3-5 years of practice experience, prolactin holding a professional teacher certification, massage certification, as well as several prolactin also has many years of nursing experience and holds the National Ministry of Labor issued senior baby sitter.


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