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  what is polio? How do you prevent it?
beginning in the third month babies to take polio sugar pills. Polio polio polio sugar pills, also known as sugar pills of infantile paralysis. Polio is a world of Pediatric common acute infectious diseases, Detox-faecal, red mouth spread to healthy children. Did not take sugar pills or not take the sugar pills, 3 times for the child may be sick. Sick child can have one or several limbs paralysis in the limbs, severe death can affect breathing. Cured of some diseases left crippled with paralysis of the limbs. Polio prevention is extremely important, in recent years because of the extensive oral polio sugar pills and make significant reduction of the disease. China has decided to carry out extensive oral polio sugar pills, for basic cutting of polio.
polio sugar pills are made of poliovirus virulence components is very low, to prevent disease without causing obstruction in children after taking. Altogether to take 3 times, one at a time, 3 suits all have good preventive effect. The first times a third month after birth, and fifth in the fourth month after month must be taken.
first polio sugar pills in a spoon with cooled, boiled water to dissolve, then use cold boiled water. Baby kimono sugar pills 2 hours before taking sugar pill 4 hours of not breastfeeding, because breast milk has antibodies against the polio virus and prevention effect weakened. Do not use hot water and then drunk, where hot water to kill the polio viruses and not up to the preventive effect. Diarrhea in 4 times a day for a week or more, or severely malnourished and sickly, repeated infection in children may suspend taking sugar pills. Oral polio sugar pills in general there is no adverse reaction, rash, diarrhea, usually self-healing within 2-3 days without treatment.
what is lack of calcium-induced convulsion?
baby's third month due to calcium deficiency caused by eclampsia (that is caused by calcium deficiency twitching) is on the rise. Such seizures are generally not fever, convulsions after the spirit as usual, does not affect the breast. Diagnosis and treatment of sick children to hospitals in time.
why infant iron deficiency anemia occurs?
fetal iron stores are in the last 3 months of pregnancy. Premature infant congenital lack of iron stores, coupled with rapid growth after birth, iron can not meet the need, so can iron deficiency anemia occurs in the third month. Mothers eat more iron-rich foods, or direct service low iron sulfate 0.3 g, 33, to increase the iron content of breast milk to prevent infant iron deficiency anemia.
you know whether your milk to meet the baby's needs?
enough breast milk, you can determine through:
listen to the sound. When babies eat mother's milk, he heard the "glug, glug" voices swallow milk, breast milk is sufficient. When the infant sucking very exciting, but the throat is little, hear continuous sucking sound, lack of breast milk.
expression. When the breast to her baby happy and less crying, for the milk foot. When the nurse suddenly interrupted, with tits crying; or feeding time and crying; or sleep for two hours after feeding at night crying, may not be enough milk.
view of the action. Baby every three spirits, often dancing in addition to wet do not cry do not make life safe and calm, regular, this is plenty of breast milk expression. If the babies are free spirits, sleep is not practical, may not have enough milk.
urine test. Baby's stool is soft butter oil, rarely due to indigestion, diarrhea, eating normally. If the baby poop less, sometimes green foam, 24 hour urine is less than 6 times a day, for inadequate diet.
weight. Infant weight gain according to the standards prescribed by the medical law of growth is a sign of adequate breast milk. If weight gain is not satisfactory, or weight is increasing but the long slow or no growth, it is a sign of lack of.
mothers feel. Often got milk if the mother feels infant sucking feeling of surprise after milk was enough breast milk, less than vice versa.
as long as the mother usually careful observation, note that several aspects of the change, it is not difficult to determine whether your milk is able to meet the needs of children.


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