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Summer infant care

  summer, Sunshine time UV dose gradually increased, and with the increase of temperature, humidity and mosquitoes, flies and other insects thrive, means that the annoying skin diseases will threaten the health of babies, so parents must do the prevention preparations. Baby summer threats there are several common skin diseases: causes of
: due to the environment of high temperature, high humidity, excessive sweating cannot evaporate in a timely manner, which related to blocked sweat caused by sedimentation or rupture.
: small grain size of superficial blister easy skinned and mild scaling and more, more common in infants, pregnant women, called diaper rash; some scattered small red pimples, but has nothing to do with hair follicles, known as Miliaria Rubra, more common in children, and some small pustules called Pseudomonas aeruginosa diaper rash.
? should pay attention to ventilation of indoor environment, avoid environmental humidity, temperature too high; clothing should be loose, reduce sweat and facilitate sweat evaporation, change clothes frequently;
? keep the skin as dry as possible, with a dry towel to wipe his sweat, obesity, infant and maternity should be ground to take a bath, but not cold water, wipe dry after bath powder-bashing.
therapy: can cool and antipruritic drugs convergence. If pus comprehensive treatment for diaper rash to go to hospital for treatment.
cause: caused by sudden overexposure.
: 3-6 hours after tanning in the Sun appears red, when forming blisters with obvious pain, malaise.
prevention: sunburn first to avoid intense sun exposure should be progressive, gradually increase exposure.
treatment: symptomatic, topical protectants such as moisturizing agents, such as calamine lotion, corticosteroid creams.

photosensitive dermatitis causes: because some people are allergic to ultraviolet rays.
? usually in Sun Hou 1-2 days Hou onset;
? rash more sent Yu facial, and neck and neck Qian "v" shaped district, and hand and the upper limb, performance for small papules, and small blister, and consciously itching, serious Shi non-light parts also can up rash, not pain, itching obviously, disappeared is slow;
? as not active treatment, can formed chronic photosensitive sex skin.
prevention: because the onset of allergy-related, so pay attention to the light-proof, every day from 9 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon is better not to go out, measures must be good sunscreen when they go out.
treatment: once the rashes, ointment or cream for external use containing hormones can also consult a doctor choose oral drugs.

papular urticaria causes: associated with mosquito bites, such as bedbugs, fleas, lice, mites, mosquitoes and other insect bites and skin into the saliva, induce allergic reactions.
? rashes from mung beans to peanut size somewhat spindle-shaped red wind damage, very small blister on top, some are the dome raised tension-type blister;
? prone to rash on the trunk, limbs, pieces or powder, itching is obvious.
prevention: as little as possible to the grass, shade or humidity, mosquitoes in many places, indoor smoking mosquito coils.
treatment: once the rash can be topical steroid ointment or cream or choose oral drugs.
Note: not the best painting such as safflower oil, because it might cause allergies and aggravate the condition.

cause allergic skin diseases: caused by pollen, pollen and mites, allergy, allergic respiratory, eye and skin allergy reaction.
: paroxysmal sneezing, running clear runny nose and nasal congestion, headaches, crying, like a cold, skin can be partial or total
urticaria, facial recurrent Dermatitis, itching and other symptoms.
? allergy sex skin of occurred, should as less eat high protein, and high heat of diet, has allergy history of people, as less to flowers trees lush of place;
? out outing Shi to wear long sleeve underwear, and footwear, and with off sensitive drug;
? If feel skin itchy, and body fever, and cough, and flustered Shi should quickly left here, as symptoms more light, can oral off sensitive drug, once appeared asthma symptoms Shi should timely to hospital diagnosis and treatment. Viral causes of skin disease

: a virus infection, specific cases including: chicken pox, rubella, etc.
? chicken pox disease more acute, systemic symptoms such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, high risk of varicella in children;
? by rubella rubella is a viral acute infectious disease transmitted through the respiratory tract, inhalation 2-3 weeks after symptoms of the incubation period of the virus.
? to take their children to the public less, if your child has chickenpox, fever in the diet should be light and easy to digest, pay attention to rest;
? keep the skin clean, when the itching can be some itching potion;
? rubella virus prevention is the key to reduce your exposure to rubella patients.
Note: if pregnant women exposed to rubella patients and diagnosed with rubella within the first 3 months of pregnancy, it is necessary to consider abortion.
causes tinea pedis and Tinea Corporis
: they are caused by a fungal infection of the skin.
? of tinea pedis: peeling and dipping erosion between the toes or foot side appeared most blisters, itching, with or without itching, if not treated, skin rashes can be gradually expanded outwards.
? Jock: inner thigh, gluteal cleft of the annular erythematous scaling, are centrifugal expansion, often visible around small pimples, itching or pain consciously.
prevention: whether it is athlete's foot or Tinea, is a certain infectious and therefore should avoid common hygiene supplies such as towels, slippers and other, frequently changes, socks, underwear.
/> eczema cause: in summer, many hands and feet will be developed because the sweat glands secrete a lot of sweat, especially feet, long wearing tight shoes, hot and humid, long feet peeling, itching, blisters.
prevention: fight against eczema, partially to keep dry. Treatment
? free PI Yan ping smearing, two to three times a day;
? to wear breathable shoes, cloth shoes at the end of it.
Note: because the symptoms of eczema and athlete's foot are the same, so the treatment needs to be done before a fungal test to determine whether belonging to the fungal infection.


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