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Summer baby skin care tips

  summer babies tender skin will get in trouble every now and then, with baby sick and sent bursts of noise, making mothers feel upset and helpless. Worry about
: prickly heat
may be shower, wash your hair without dry sake, just one night, the baby's scalp and neck there is a lot of thin hemp red rash, and constantly tries to use hands to grab those itchy little things.
1, always remember, don't forget to wipe the baby's body.
2, hot weather, home air conditioners at 26 degrees of temperature, humidity not more than 60%; give the baby some qingshu detoxifying drinks, such as watermelon, bean soup, enhanced baby its thermoregulation.
3, clean baby's little hands is important, don't let him scratch the skin and infection.
4, bath, in the water a few drops of calamine lotion or 30 grams of honeysuckle, huanglian 15 grams of boiled water, after the baby shower in parts of prickly heat, may have a good effect.
5, civil earth moving: eat watermelon rind to clean small prickly heat. Each wipe to reddish, wipe two or three times a day. Worry about
II: diaper dermatitis with
day is so hot, baby feeding some watermelon juice, unexpectedly, the baby's urine at night many thick diaper wrapped little ass "water leaked through", can be found in the morning, little butt was stained red rash, is a mess.

1, the most important is the care programme, keep the ass dry, diapers to change wash frequently. If she loves sweating during the day, simply get rid of diapers, ass breath of fresh air. After
2, baby toilet, wash with warm water for the baby butt, but avoid using SOAP or skin's protective film can easily destroy the baby.
3, after cleaning your ass, lightly coated with a layer of lithospermum erythrorhizon ointment in order to prevent the occurrence of diaper rash.
4, breast-fed babies, mothers do not eat seafood and other sensitive foods. Add complementary foods should be less or more, every time you add something new, pay extra attention to your baby is allergic to it.
5, folk method: cooled after eating sesame oil on the fire to burn hot, and then coated in baby's buttocks, diaper rash can be reduced.
6, civil method II: diapers, and the last wash add some vinegar, PH value can diaper a baby and baby's skin similar to ratio of 30 g of vinegar mixed with 4 litres of water. Worry about
three: eczema
had a refreshing face these days, baby's forehead begin as small red rash, and some small amounts of gray-white bran, desquamation, knew it was eczema, but why attack over and over again?

care programmes 1, repeated episodes of easy eczema, eczema and this is because every time the causes and symptoms of eczema may be different, so cannot be used.
2, try to give babies to eat less fish, food, such as shrimp, let him eat watermelon, heat-clearing and detoxifying foods such as bitter gourd, baby body heat to be discharged.
3, to avoid scratching, itching can aggravate eczema.
4, folk method: semen coicis blistering day, and boiled with sugar syrup, give the baby to drink every day, you can prevent eczema.
5, civil method two: or use the same amount of carrots and apples and cook water, baby two times a day, can achieve the same effect to prevent eczema.
worry about four: "mosquito"
a few days ago to the suburb resorts for the summer, but comfortable and cool at the same time, the baby was bitten by several large packages, there are blisters on the bite.
/> care programmes 1, do not let the baby scratch mosquito bites, itch itch creams that are available, generally 3-5 day bonus will disappear automatically.
2, ordinary mosquito bites, apply some anti-itch toilet water, the Honey Suckle dew; such as bee stings, first baby with a cold towel injured place; if insect spiculate stinging an area larger than should be thin spines sticking out with tape, then coated with the Honey Suckle dew and disinfection.
3, folk method: on the mosquito bit a wind, both insect repellent, and does not have strong flavor.
4, civil method two: with the Spice star anise, soaking in the shower or bath water, mosquitoes will not dare to close. Worry about
five: burn
that holding the baby to go to Greenland for a walk, came back to find some of your baby's neck and arm redness, doctor said it was sunburn.
1, then for the baby milk with ice cold, approximately 10-15 minutes or so, then put something cool on sunburn skin oil, help restore if the skin blisters, should go to the hospital.
2, sunburned skin after molting phenomenon may occur, do not use hand peeling and wait for it to slowly fall off.
3, if symptoms of discomfort after sunburn baby, you can use red beans, Pearl barley 15 grams 30 grams corn (clothing), wash-House, plus adequate water porridge; also available ice milk or herbal tea in the Sun at the wet, can exert anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects.
4, folk method: on the pain of the skin with cucumber juice in 10 minutes, the pain will naturally cut.
5, civil method II: the melon 30 grams, barley 30 g, plantain 15 grams, cook soup for baby to eat, to prevent sunburn. Worry about
VI: Impetigo
after the summer vacation, let your baby go to the swimming-pool leisure times, baby very happy. But after returning home, around his mouth and nose, first small papules, soon become Pustular, after breaking the stains out of yellow water stream where blisters where. Heard it was Impetigo and is easily transmitted.
care programme 1, timely medical treatment, avoid the tub, or will infect the whole body.  Using a towel to wipe the baby bath, available when you wash a cotton swab dipped in yellow water a little bit, and then put cream, 3-5 days to eliminate infection. 2, the use of towels, handkerchiefs to be decontaminated to avoid recurrent infections.  Advised children not to touch those crusts by hand, easily spread to others.  3, the use of drugs at the same time, you can give the child some bean soup, wild Chrysanthemum soup to help dispel heat.  4, private soil: casserole baked in egg shells in yellow, and then grind into a fine powder, sesame oil mix, wipe the baby's sore, day 1, 35 days is good. 5, civil method two: Willow leaf tip tender, wash water, slightly cool gauze dipped in smearing, two or three days to take effect.


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