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Eight summer baby care essentials

  limit sweets after entering the summer
, sores in the Pediatric outpatient department long surge in rising numbers of sick children. The reason, and eating too many sweets aren't irrelevant, such as white sugar, brown sugar, candy or pastry with sugar, milk, soy milk, etc. Large of sugar points into children body, can increased blood sugar, dang blood sugar high Shi, can caused against: while prompted was sweat pollution of skin Shang bacteria growth, easy caused sores boils, and prickly heat, and carbuncle swollen, skin inflammation disorders; on the, produced large acid material, break blood of acid alkali balance, makes children into acid physique of people, to became variety disease of "hotbed" (70% of disease occurred in acid physique of people body). Therefore, eat sweets will not only help children safely in summer, but also to prevent the occurrence of many diseases.
2, using powdered
easy to sweat in summer, many parents put a layer of talcum powder after bathing the child, to protect the skin. But the main ingredient is magnesium oxide powder and magnesium sulfate, is easy to invade the respiratory tract and respiratory tract development in children is still not perfect, not even inhaling small amounts can on its own function to rule out. If the absorption amount, can be drained after invading bronchial secretions, destroy the ciliary movement of tracheal, reduce the defense force, induced respiratory infections.
3,/> many summer mosquitoes fly, parents for the protection of children is often a mosquito in order to ward off mosquitoes. But note that the mosquito feeds especially bad mosquito-repellent incense mixed with the enemy the enemy, organophosphorus pesticides, pesticides are scattered over the burning smoke, is prone to cause poisoning by baby breathe. Children young, poor body detoxification, especially sensitive to organophosphate, it should not be used. Do not shave
4, not only protect the skull, also can send too much heat in the body, shaving not only injured the children's skin, and reduce the thermal dissipation. Best boys xxx, girl doll head to ears cut, in order to facilitate for the summer.
5, not weaning
breastfeed their children not weaned in the summer. For two reasons: first, children in high temperature season of less secretion of digestive enzymes, in this case completely eat a normal meal can cause indigestion; second, summer active bacteria easily contaminate food and cause enteritis and diarrhea and other intestinal infectious diseases. The best is to wait until the autumn after weaning, no later than.
/> 6, adjusted recipes summer high temperature, sweating, you need to increase the supply of food for their children, increase in 10%--15%. To that end, should be appropriate to let the children eat a little bit more milk or dairy products, eat more fresh vegetables. Rich in vitamins and trace elements content in vegetables, improves the absorption and utilization of protein in food, so as to promote the development of children. In addition, water should be added. NAP before or after a NAP to let children eat fruit, yogurt, soup or water to drink.
, drink less of juice and drink fruit juice tastes good and contains a certain amount of vitamins and minerals, but the lack of necessary protein and fat to child development. If you drink too much fruit juice will inevitably affect the children eating main meals, to balance it with their nutrient status, resulting in malnutrition, generally to no more than 100 ml per day.
kids drink Coke too easily result in potassium loss, physical weakness, skin is easily cured by mosquito bites; and Zoe too much gastric acid concentration increased, damage to gastric mucosa in young, cause ulcer disease; eat too much ice cream, cold drinks can damage the teeth, and intussusception induced by surgical acute abdomen. For children, belong to the safest non-water drinks.
8, note that calcium
according to the clinicians report, summer is the high incidence of rickets in children. Hot weather, children poor appetite, reduction in meal, children from the corresponding reduction in dietary intake of calcium, combined with sweat, also much calcium loss. Meanwhile, summer sun, children do not have many opportunities for outdoor activities. In this way, low consumption and increased excretion of calcium, rickets is easy to understand. Preventive measures under the guidance of a doctor taking adequate calcium and vitamin d (400 units per day).


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